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The Cayman Islands: Small-town, Big appeal

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Stefan Prior

Real Estate Agent

Family and friends back in England or further afield will often say, don't you get bored living on such a small island? What even is there to do there? And with the current travel restrictions, I think people in Cayman are asking themselves this very question.

For me, the simple answer is no. No, I don't get bored. And what's more, everyone in Cayman, is by and large happy.

Happiest at Home in Cayman

Why? Is it because we have 365 days of sunshine and some of the best beaches in the world?

That certainly would be a simple conclusion to make. But, Miami has nice beaches and sun. So what is it that has us loving the Cayman life? What is missing from Miami and other large coastal towns and cities?

The Cayman Life

It's tough to put your finger on exactly what the appeal of living in Cayman is. It's isolated, it's hot, and very humid at times. Household admin can feel like the ultimate test of patience as things just seem to take longer. There is no running to the grocery store when you realize the fridge is empty on Sunday. And a biggie, let's not forget hurricane season.

The Cayman Charm

So what is it that has people moving to Cayman, year after year? It's that 'small-town mentality'. People are drawn to Cayman because of the village appeal. A simpler life and true a sense of community. In a world where the majority of people live in big cities, Cayman offers that old school small-town charm that we all as humans crave.

Experience Cayman

I will say, that COVID and the inability to travel has taught me to appreciate Cayman a lot more. Often I would get 'island fever' and fly to New York or Miami, as a lot of Cayman residents did, for a long weekend of shopping and overindulgence. Covid has forced those of us that live here to explore our island more, not to mention our gorgeous (often overlooked) sister island of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

It has reinforced why we love living in Cayman. Made us appreciate the overwhelming beauty of our islands, when our friends and families are locked inside. It has also brought us all A LOT closer together. From staycations to buying local campaigns, such as Experience Cayman, it has reconnected our small-town community.

Moving to the Cayman Islands

You cannot buy happiness, but you can alter your environment and lifestyle that may lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. If you have been considering moving to Cayman, there has never been a better time. And the Global Citizen program even allows for a 'try before you buy' approach.

I moved to Cayman eight years ago on a bit of a whim. My girlfriend (now wife), Sophie told me she was moving back home to Cayman. The decision was thrust upon me (Sophie probably won't be impressed by that phrasing.) however, in hindsight, it's one of the best decisions I ever made.

If you're considering a move to Cayman, please feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to chat about my experience.

Yours in real estate and island living,

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