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How To Avoid Keeping Up With The Joneses

How To Avoid Keeping Up With The Joneses
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When hearing about a new home in exclusive Cayman neighbourhoods such as Crystal Harbour, you wouldn’t be totally wrong in assuming it’s most likely 4+ bedrooms, 4.5 bath and over 5000 square feet. Even though homes of this size seem common place in certain areas on Island, the question is always a personal one: Does your current lifestyle require a property of this size? Frankly, if it doesn’t, there’s a lot more to consider before taking the banks money and spending it, only to repay it at an inflated cost over the next 25 years. The reality is that not every buyer needs this amount of space nor should they plan to build, furnish and pay to air-condition all this square footage when there is no current need for a home of this scale. It just doesn’t make financial sense. The clever folks of today use smart design to build a home to suit their current needs but always plan for the future, and that’s exactly what we’ve discovered in our stunning new listing - Crystal Harbour Designer Home. Designed by local architect, Eduardo Bernal, assisted by the incredible vision of the talented owners, this timeless property remains a leader in the market over eight years later; a true testament to its incredible design.      Here’s our latest case study on how to design, build or buy a property to suit your lifestyle, always:   1. Use Design That Functions For You The elegant layout of this home coupled with its future-proof design enables the house to expand and compliment your lifestyle as it evolves over time. Imagine living in a home where every bike, cushion, and pebble has its own place. A home where each space can be completely transformed with the push of a finger - hiding messy kitchen countertops and office work papers. A house where your home library for fifty weeks of the year can seamlessly transform into a spare bedroom for the two weeks when guests come to stay.      The functionality of this home runs to its core. The generous two-bedroom floor plan has been designed to easily extend into a three, or indeed a four bedroom if and when required. Adaptable design really is a no-brainer.   2. Choose Stylish AND Smart Design Well elevated overlooking the tranquil waters of Crystal Harbour, each room has been specifically designed to maximize views through the internal courtyards, gardens and out across the water. “Simply put, we wanted each space in this home to feel like it was outside, without actually being outside,” explains the owner. The design and placement of each room has been carefully considered so that each room takes full advantage of canal living without wasting valuable space. Despite being towards the back of the property, the second bedroom cum library has been designed with the foresight to provide floor to ceiling sea views. Your eyes are led through the stunning interior BBQ patio, through the living room with its foldaway doors, and onto the pool patio with fifty feet of unobstructed canal frontage.   The well-thought-out design of this indoor-outdoor flow came from the owner’s childhood spent in Cayman before the days of extensive air-conditioning. The deliberate cross-ventilation throughout the property allows the modern home to take advantage of the fantastic North Sound breezes. The home is fully ventilated and truly comfortable without air-conditioning during Cayman’s cooler months. Another smart financial investment and clever design detail to this modern masterpiece    3. Building Isn’t Always For Everyone The Cayman Islands property market has been experiencing a very strong upward turn in Island-wide development. This advance and surge in building activity has conversely had a significant impact on the rising cost to construct. If you were to purchase land today in Crystal Harbour and build a bespoke property complete with custom detailing and high-end materials, it would almost be impossible to complete it  (inclusive of all stamp duty, planning fees, unforeseen costs etc) for what this property is currently asking. With the best intentions in mind, the potential headaches of dealing with the planning department, contractors, shipping parties, financial pressures, not to mention the potential strain on family relationships, can all take its toll. Building is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Clever design already exists in the current market, perhaps it suits you more to buy and adapt than build and blow your budget. Property styles come and go, however, this timeless piece of modern architecture is turnkey and will continue to as desirable in 20 years times as it was when first constructed only 8 years ago. Put simply: “Good, design, sells.”     

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