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The Cayman Life // Trailer

The Cayman Life. Raw, uncut conversations with the island's movers and shakers.

October 26, 2023


Community, Development, Investing, Lifestyle, Relocating


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Welcome to The Cayman Life. A podcast about living, working, and investing on the island.

In each episode, we invite different guests to share their perspectives. From long-time residents to island newcomers, and those who represent the island from afar. All with the goal of bringing you, the listener, insight into what makes Cayman, Cayman.

We hope you find value in our discussions and are excited to have you on this journey with us.

Stay classy Cayman.

The podcast is all about Cayman living. Raw, uncut conversations with the island’s movers and shakers.

Looking at where the island has come from and where it’s going. Providing good insight into what really makes Cayman, Cayman.

We’re your hosts. I’m Michael Joseph. And I’m Stefan Prior from Property Cayman.

Welcome to the Cayman Life.

Are we going to do this?

It’s your idea. All right, we’ve only been talking about this for about five years.

So here we are.

We wanted to start this podcast to highlight the very best that Cayman has to offer in terms of its people, which really does make up the island.

We’re going to invite different guests from different sectors of the Cayman life, companies from people that are newcomers to the island to those that even represent Cayman from afar. And it’s what makes Cayman special is– well, frankly, it’s what makes Cayman, Cayman.

It’s bringing you behind the scenes to the conversations that we have on a daily basis with incredible clients from all over the world.

So, are we qualified to even do this?

I mean, I would hope so. We know what we’re talking about. We’ve sold over $1.5 billion worth of real estate assisting thousands of clients from all over the world make Cayman home.

Yeah, and the idea behind this is that we’re going to be sharing with you interviews. The episodes are going to vary. We’re going to have guests from different sectors of our different industries within the island– newcomers, relocators, people even representing Cayman from afar. So, the insights and experiences and knowledge that we’re going to be bringing to this podcast will shed a lot of light on Cayman and the Cayman life.

There you have it, folks, the Cayman life.

We hope you find value, and we’re excited to have you on this journey with us.

Stay classy, Cayman.

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