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Life on Grand Cayman

Life on Grand Cayman
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Life in Cayman is hard to beat. And although Grand Cayman is the most populous and developed of the three sister islands, it is brimming full of natural beauty and culture.

I have been fortunate enough to travel across Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. I have experienced beachside living in Costa Rica and I have yet to find a place quite like Cayman.

Grand Cayman is home. As a kid, I’d commute to school along the picturesque South Sound waterfront from our family home in Prospect. I learned to sail in Red Bay. I spent hours playing outdoors and surfing the Cayman waves and today, I am still just as glad to call this place home. From running a business in the Seven Mile Beach corridor to finding home in Bodden Town with my wife and our daughter, I have a deep appreciation for Cayman life.

Many people, including my wife Rachel (until very recently), limit themselves to the island's Western districts. It is convenient to live, work, and play without venturing far off the Seven Mile Beach corridor. Don’t get me wrong, Seven Mile Beach is remarkable. There is a reason it is the most sought after real estate on Island. Having said this, our Islands have so much more to offer, and Grand Cayman is full of gems waiting to be explored.

Explore Grand Cayman

West Bay

It would be remiss not to mention Barker's National Park as one of Grand Cayman's top sites. A breezy secluded stretch of powdery white beaches tucked away at the top of West Bay, known for kite surfing and home to a vast array of local birds and an intricate biodiverse network of mangroves.

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Steps from the town centre are world-renowned snorkel and dive site, including Cheeseburger Reef (aptly named due to its proximity to a popular fast-food restaurant). If you are keen to explore life below the water's surface, the dive sites of Eden Rock, Wreck of the Cali, and Balboa are all within walking distance of the capital.

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Grand Harbour

This thriving community has a not so big secret, the Black Pearl Skate Park. As the second-largest skatepark in the World, it's a kids paradise playground and the area is soon to be the same for adults, with all of the new amenities of Harbour Walk.

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Red Bay and Prospect

As my childhood stomping ground, this area of Grand Cayman will forever hold a particularly special place in my heart. Swimming with the turtles right off the Spotts dock is an unforgettable experience. You will be mesmerized seeing these majestic creatures up close and in the wild. Top tip – One of the best times to catch these ancient creatures in action is dusk when they are feeding. Double bonus - On a clear night, you will also get to witness a truly magical Cayman sunset from one of the best locations on the Island.

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East End and Bodden Town

This is where my family and I now call home. Brimming with Caribbean culture, the community is both peaceful and vibrant. Our weekends are spent at the Lover's wall boardwalk, visiting the blowholes, and enjoying long lunches of local Caymanian food at Vivienne's Kitchen and Grapetree Cafe.

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Savannah is another area of Cayman where culture thrives. This hidden gem boasts Cayman's most elevated sea views on the bluff and is home to the very dynamic piece of Cayman Heritage, Pedro Castle.

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Frank Sound & North Side

Head up Frank Sound Road to visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park or walk the Mastic Trail and discover the plants, trees, and wildlife native to Cayman. After all that adventuring, you will want to stop in at Over the Edge for some seafood chowder. Now that's life in Cayman.

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Life in Cayman is more than meets the eye

From the restaurants and amenities to the white sand beach and crystal-clear water of Seven Mile Beach, it is easy to understand why people never leave the west side of Grand Cayman. But there is a whole island to be explored—natural beauty and vibrant culture, waiting to be enjoyed.  

I feel extremely grateful to have grown up in Cayman and am thankful to be raising our daughter on the same shores. There is something magical about living on the ocean. Quite simply, for me there is nothing better than opening up your doors, looking out to the ocean and smelling the fresh salty air first thing in the morning. 

If you are interested in exploring the different areas Cayman has to offer, let's shoot the breeze over some peel and eat shrimp. 

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